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Gifts for All !!! All registered users will receive free of charge the platinum status for the first month as a gift.

You will be able to see the most intimate details regarding your partner in the connection and free access to all wallet functions.

The first thousand registered users will receive 1,500.00 EXO * as a gift, the second thousand will receive 1,000.00 EXO *, the third thousand will receive 500.00 EXO *.

Under consideration is the possibility of a 50% discount bonus on the purchase of ExoBeat bracelets for the most active users during the first three months from the release date of the MVP **

* The transfer of the EXO gift tokens will be made in the following proportions - 500.00 EXO tokens will be transferred to the User's wallet in the Ethereum blockchain network, and the remaining tokens will be credited to the user's deposit account on the Platform.

** This is the minimum that we want to offer our early adopters. The maximum is the ExoBear bracelets as a gift. The decision is still pending. 

Don’t miss out and register early on June 24, 2021.

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  1.   Electra Jones
  2.   Wednesday, 23 June 2021

One of my friends, having learned about the Exolover Project in a joking tone, asked me - "Victor, what could have prompted you to create such a project?" - “Not enough hands and penises during sex” I also jokingly answered him. And then I thought about my answer and realized that only the tone of my answer to him was joking.

Indeed, using the capabilities of the ExoLover Platform, you can come up with a hundreds of ways to use its devices and services. While having traditional sex with your partner, you can try out a  threesome (M + F + M) without the physical presence of the third. Why not try foursome sex? ... And what if all the same sex (M + M or F + F) but with the capabilities of ExoLover to do everything that is in case of sex with four? ... Two hands are never enough to caress you, now you can add many others to caress hug, spank and pinch you where you never can without the help of ExoLover.

You've always wondered what your partner feels during sex? Stop wondering about this and buy the ExoThrust and ExoWand devices and really feel it. “Practice” and become a super lover ...

Do you like a blowjob and your friend is not around? Plug in ExoLolly (in development) and ExoThrust and give yourself a blowjob, and you don't have to be an acrobat for that ...

Become a master of new positions using ExoLover devices and services and share your ‘Exo Kama Sutra’ experiences at

ExoLover technology is an endless world of sexual fantasies embodied in reality. What are you waiting for?

  1.   Electra Jones
  2.   Friday, 18 December 2020

The ExoLover platform utilises blockchain technology and transactions consist of two cryptocurrencies; EXO and LOVER.

These currencies or ‘tokens’ are used as payments for connections. The LOVER token is designed to be ‘stable’ which means it is always equal in value to one US dollar.

All instances in which LOVER tokens are used are duplicated in the blockchain by the EXO cryptocurrency and are all settled to the ledger in EXO with the current exchange rate taken into account.

In the user interface, both currencies are displayed with the equivalent amount in US dollars also being shown. This is done for the convenience of users and relieves them of the need to calculate the cost of a connection in EXO which has a dynamically changing rate. Instead, the built-in settlement blockchain module will automatically calculate it for them. For example, if within a connection, two users each used one LOVER token, at this moment the blockchain billing module deducts equivalent EXO amounts from the deposit of each user and sends both amounts to the smart contract «Proof of Connect», this validates the user connection and distributes the received amount according to a certain algorithm. This algorithm splits the money to the digital wallets of the following: ExoLover founders, platform operators, content providers and manufacturers (toy seller).

The use of this smart contract ensures fast and transparent transactions between the parties providing the connection. The smart contract safely protects the content used from theft and also facilitates the transition to a new business model that allows the manufacturer to profit from their product every time it is used on the platform. The utilization of tokens by the users within the smart contract is nothing more than a vote for the content and devices they use in this connection.

The use of blockchain significantly expands the platform's capabilities to connect many other services, such as the services of a sexologist, sex therapist, sex trainers, and even individuals who produce their own content. Given the growth potential of the ExoLover platform, receiving tokens as payment should be very beneficial for businesses providing their services on the platform. On the other hand, the influx of new users and an increase in demand for Lovers / Exo tokens will also have a positive effect on the attractiveness of this payment option.

The platform, in turn, will ensure the circulation of tokens on exchanges through the services of coders. This is a special service of third parties for replenishing the balance of LOVERs. The platform and the contractually associated coder are not entitled to exchange data about their clients by mutual obligations. The coder knows all the relevant information about his client but does not know his status and account in the Exolover platform, while the platform identifies the user by his unique identifier but does not know anything about the user himself. This ensures the anonymity of users when making payments. The user who buys LOVERs on the coder’s website receives only an encrypted code, and the platform also receives the same code. If the code entered on the application matches, the balance of the purchased LOVERs is added to the user.

  1.   Electra Jones
  2.   Tuesday, 27 October 2020

The ExoLover platform is built on blockchain technology.  But what does this mean and how does this ensure the platform operates and provides all the amazing features it does?

To make ExoLover possible, two ‘tokens’ or settlement systems are used.  The first token; “EXO” is the project's cryptocurrency that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a global token that is freely tradeable and exchangeable for real money/fiat. The second token is “LOVER” which is an internal, stable token of the project.  The intention of this token is that is easily bought/used within the platform and each token will always be equal to one US Dollar regardless of the value of EXO tokens, Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Both currencies are displayed in the user's account, where the equivalent of the amount in US dollars is also displayed.

This is shown for the convenience of users without the need to calculate the cost of a connection in dynamically changing EXO token. Instead, the built-in settlement blockchain module will do it for them automatically.

For example, two users establish a connection and each person uses one LOVER token. Immediately, the blockchain billing module deducts EXO amounts from the deposit of each user and sends both amounts to the built in smart contract «Proof of Connect». This validates the user connection and distributes the amount of tokens/value according to a certain algorithm.

Every time you connect with another user or watch pornographic content on the Solo mode, the "Reward Fund" is launched. This means that one of the users currently in the connection can win up to 150% of the amount spent on the connection. The choice of the lucky user is selected randomly using custom coded algorithms. The reward is paid in EXO tokens which are credited to the user's account. These EXO tokens can then be exchanged for LOVER tokens or they can be withdrawn and used at his/her own discretion.

As you can see, the ExoLover platform is evolving rapidly and very soon ground breaking physical products will be available along with the mobile app and web version. You can register your account and claim bonus free LOVER tokens to begin.

Then simply choose your video and at the end of the connection, along with pure pleasure of an orgasm, you can also find real money added to your account!

  1.   Electra Jones
  2.   Friday, 25 September 2020
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