ExoLover and Blockchain - How it works

The ExoLover platform is built on blockchain technology.  But what does this mean and how does this ensure the platform operates and provides all the amazing features it does?

To make ExoLover possible, two ‘tokens’ or settlement systems are used.  The first token; “EXO” is the project's cryptocurrency that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a global token that is freely tradeable and exchangeable for real money/fiat. The second token is “LOVER” which is an internal, stable token of the project.  The intention of this token is that is easily bought/used within the platform and each token will always be equal to one US Dollar regardless of the value of EXO tokens, Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Both currencies are displayed in the user's account, where the equivalent of the amount in US dollars is also displayed.

This is shown for the convenience of users without the need to calculate the cost of a connection in dynamically changing EXO token. Instead, the built-in settlement blockchain module will do it for them automatically.

For example, two users establish a connection and each person uses one LOVER token. Immediately, the blockchain billing module deducts EXO amounts from the deposit of each user and sends both amounts to the built in smart contract «Proof of Connect». This validates the user connection and distributes the amount of tokens/value according to a certain algorithm.

Every time you connect with another user or watch pornographic content on the Solo mode, the "Reward Fund" is launched. This means that one of the users currently in the connection can win up to 150% of the amount spent on the connection. The choice of the lucky user is selected randomly using custom coded algorithms. The reward is paid in EXO tokens which are credited to the user's account. These EXO tokens can then be exchanged for LOVER tokens or they can be withdrawn and used at his/her own discretion.

As you can see, the ExoLover platform is evolving rapidly and very soon ground breaking physical products will be available along with the mobile app and web version. You can register your account and claim bonus free LOVER tokens to begin.

Then simply choose your video and at the end of the connection, along with pure pleasure of an orgasm, you can also find real money added to your account!

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