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  • Why do men want anal sex?

    There are statistics where about 30% of heterosexual men between 20 and 60 have tried anal sex. Why men need this when there is a vagina?

    As you know, the leadership is in the men’s blood. Every day they try to prove to themselves and to others something. That is why many of them want anal sex because of psychological reasons.

    Anal sex is the best way to feel complete power over the partner, to subordinate her morally and physically. By invading the forbidden area men feels like the master of the female body, because the woman has surrendered her “last bastion”.

    Physiological causes: Men like when vaginal muscles tightly palms the penis during sex - this allows them to extend the period of erection and get more satisfaction.

    But it often happens that a woman simply cannot squeeze her muscles sufficiently, and as a result, her partner loses some pleasure. And if a man begins to show dissatisfaction with the quality of intimacy, then the idea of having anal sex is within reach.

    Other reasons why he wants anal sex

    That is a trendy thing now

    Oddly enough, but there are quite a lot of men who yearn for anal sex just because it makes him cool.
    Take a look at any forum for men dedicated to sex. A man who failed to gain anal sex is considered a looser there.

    For the variety of sexual feelings

    Among those who love anal sex there are many people who simply are not satisfied only with the usual vaginal or oral sex. Pursuing the variety of sexual life, they decide to have something new, including anal sex.

    One must say that this category of men usually takes the process of preparing his partner seriously with maximum responsibility.
    Taking woman from behind and viewing it during the process is a great aesthetic pleasure, especially in the doggy style. All this excite men a lot, so they treat anal sex as an exquisite “dessert” after bored ordinary “dishes”.

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