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  • The most annoying actions in sex

    Reddit users have called the most annoying and boring actions in sex.

    The discussion was launched by the user under the nickname kellywithayy. He asked: “What is the most annoying part of sex, about which no one ever talks about?” The thread received more than six thousand comments in a few hours.

    Many users agreed that waiting for an orgasm for too long spoils any sex. The user under the nickname YourOneeSama clarified that this is exhausting: "For some time, it is good, but in the end, you just stop and give up." Commentators have confirmed that it is no longer possible to obtain any pleasure from the process at such moments. Some users called the change of position a "mood killer", others objected that it was much harder to keep the excitement while undressing.

    Some called the actions that have to be taken after sex boring and annoying, such as cleaning and washing. One commentator told that he always watched with a smile as his lover struggled to wash off.

    Most men called the sudden absence of erection the worst moment in sex. “You are trying to do it again, the condom is all baggy and as if hanging loose. All that I think is “come on, man”,” said the user under the nickname desperadohooligan.

    Almost all users agreed that certain physiological characteristics always haunt people during sex - from sudden convulsions to unexpected unpleasant sounds, but this should be treated with humor.

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