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  • Good guys have more sex than bad guys

    So pick up that roach and tuck the shirt in your pants.

    It seems that the myth of popularity of bad guys couldn’t stand the statistics.
    Scientists from Canadian universities - Guelph and Nipissing found out that good people have more vivid and rich sex life. “Good people” in this case means selfless people.

    Scientists came to this conclusion by interviewing 800 people of both sexes. Everyone who took part in the survey not only confessed everything about his/her sex life, but also told how often he or she does charity work: makes financial donations, donates blood and performs other noble deeds.

    It turned out that the more actively a man does charity work, the more sex he has! But for women, the correlation was not so obvious.
    We decided to share this information with you because of charity. You know what to do with it, our selfless reader.

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