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  • Women are cheating on their husbands in order to save the marriage

    This was discovered by scientists at the University of Missouri.

    The study was conducted by Professor Alicia Walker, who interviewed unfaithful wives for a year and published the results of her research in The Secret Lives of Cheating Wives book.

    Walker’s study involved women between 24 and 65, who cheated on their husbands and were active users of the Ashley Madison - dating website to find a partner for adultery. The survey showed that in most cases women’s love for their spouse and the desire to avoid divorce by satisfying their sexual needs are pushing women to commit adultery.

    “More than half of the women I interviewed admitted that in their relationship with her husband they have a lack of sex or an orgasm, and as a result, they are looking for passion by cheating. I also managed to find out that most of the unfaithful wives do not want to divorce their husbands and claim that they love them,"- said Walker.

    In addition, women who participated in the study considered that after adultery they became better wives and mothers than they were before it. They were also convinced that cheating allowed them to protect and save their marriage.

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