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  • Why having sex in the light is good for health

    Everyone wins from the research of Italian scientists: you, your girlfriend and public utilities!

    Yes, it used to believe that the dim light in the bedroom sets the mood for romance (and allows you to hide the fact that last time you went to the gym one year ago).

    According to a new study by the University of Sienna (Italy), bright light during sex increases testosterone levels and makes sensations three times brighter, forgive us the pun. And that's not all!

    The scientific experiment involved 38 men with low libido. Half of them spent two weeks 30 minutes a day in a room with bright light. The labs of this group showed a significant increase in testosterone levels at the end of the experiment. Initially, the testosterone level in the experiment participants was about 2.3 ng/ml, and after the experiment increased to 6.7 ng/ml, which gave scientists reason to think about a threefold increase in libido.

    This is especially true for residents of Northern Europe and Russia, where the amount of light decreases from November to April and with it, the libido of men falls. This is easy to trace by reproductive statistics: the peak of conception in the northern countries falls in June.

    An increase in the amount of light artificially leads to the same results. Therefore, if in winter you want to watch a TV series about murders than indulge in love pleasures, several bright lamps in the bedroom can correct the situation. And, of course, a woman as well.

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