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  • Lack of intimacy may harm you

    Deficiency of intimacy could cause negative consequences for the physical and emotional states of your organism.

    Doctors say that long-term sexual abstinence harms both the male and female body. The natural reason for refusing sex can only be the physiological conditions of the body (disease).

    Thus, sexual abstinence does more harm to women, because if you do not have sex for a long time, the body begins to experience constant stress. Due to such stress, menstrual pains may intensify, and the walls of the vagina begin to thin.

    In the worst case, sexual desire may disappear, and it will be difficult to restore it, says Sary Cooper, an American psychotherapist, and sex therapist. Also, the lack of regular sexual intercourse makes women distracted, inattentive and more prone to depression. However, how often it is necessary to have sex to maintain a healthy state of the body, the doctor did not tell.

    For men, prolonged abstinence threatens the sperm stagnation, and this is fraught with prostatitis and other diseases of this kind. According to Cooper, the best option is regular sex life with no frills. The frequency of sex is individual for everyone: it depends on age, life circumstances, and genetics.

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