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  • Hardcore medieval sex

    Carnal pleasures were considered a sin, and only one position existed.

    It was a sin to have sex on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, as well as during menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding and during church holidays and fasting. It was also forbidden to enjoy the process itself, and the indecent kisses and "depraved" positions were punishable.
    Finding a secluded place was also difficult. It was way more convenient in the hay barns.

    To help people in this difficult matter, the church had a book or rather a church code of punishment "Paenitentiale”. According to this book, all positions except the "missionary" one were considered a sin and were forbidden.

    Oral and anal sex and masturbation were also banned - these types of contacts did not lead to the birth of children, which was, according to the purists, the only reason for making love. Violators were punished severely: three years of repentance and the serving the church for sex in any of the "deviant" positions.

    Interesting fact, the prostitution in the Middle Ages was either ignored by the church or regarded as a necessary evil in this world. Even Thomas Aquinas, the Italian philosopher and theologian, believed that "Take away the prostitutes from society, and you will throw everything into disorder by lust."

    In many cities brothels were open and the ladies of the night could be distinguished by a robe with a bright yellow stripe. Among regular customers one could meet people from the upper classes very often.

    Dear subscribers, you are living in a beautiful era, sex is not only allowed, and it is also developing further. We at ExoLover are doing everything we can to make sex enhanced to a new level.

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