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  • What ExoLover can give you?

    Some of you may ask the question "why do we need ExoLover when there are similar companies like … or … ?". But be sure, we will easily answer this question.

    There are many companies engaged in teledildonics. Many projects involved in cryptocurrency as well. So why do we need another one?

    The thing is, ExoLover takes the best from everyone and trying to remove all of the worst. Thus, with regard to blockchain - many cryptocurrencies are already losing their relevance, while our EXO Token uses Ethereum technology, which has proven itself well. Moreover, not so long ago we have been approved for IDEX exchange.

    As for teledildonics, ExoLover is out of competition here. In addition to the high-tech exo-costume with a variety of functions and interaction options, we do not limit our users to try anything. You are free to propose scenarios and interaction options, and, you will remain completely anonymous. Yes, that’s right, we don’t collect data about you because we don’t need it, and our devices don’t reveal themselves during connection.

    Look at our project better. It seems to me that after looking closely you will stay with us forever.

    #sex #exolover #exotoken #cryptocurrency #hitech #competition #best
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