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  • Cool stories about sex

    So, that’s what happened to one of my friends recently:

    She went to the mall to meet her friend and in the same time she talked on the phone with her boyfriend, who is in army and right now he is abroad and they have not had sex for two months which is very hard for them, of course. So, she goes along the street so happy and listens to his sexual fantasies.

    When she stopped at the crosswalk, he began to describe their next sex graphically, and at that moment people crowded around her a lot ... And then she accidentally pressed the speakerphone, but since her device runs really slow, it started to glitch right at this time and that wasn’t the best moment.

    Now imagine people’s faces when they heard from the speaker: «And you will moan under me and cry: Yes, yes, yes! Bobby take me! I'm coming! I will hump you till the last breath» ...It was useless to shout "shut up", because the young man was too fantasized. However, she says that the men smiled after her.

    This, of course, is not the most interesting story, but by describing it here I hope that you will want to answer the call and tell your story. Write us your cool story, and we will rejoice for you together.

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