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  • What is Teledildonics and where did it come from?

    The ExoLover project is part of the teledildonics, however, few people know what it is.

    According to Wikipedia, Teledildonics (also known as cyberdildonics) is technology for remote sex (or, at least, remote mutual masturbation), where tactile sensations are communicated over a data link between the participants. The term can also refer to the integration of telepresence with sexual activity that these interfaces make possible.

    Promoters of new devices for new sex have claimed since the 1980s they are the "next big thing" in cybersex technology. A report in the Chicago Tribune in 1993 suggested that teledildonics was "the virtual-reality technology that may one day allow people wearing special bodysuits, headgear and gloves to engage in tactile sexual relations from separate, remote locations via computers connected to phone lines."

    The responses to teledildonics has been mixed, however the dominant concern has centred on the separation of personal intimacy and embodied presence. In the words of one early text on the subject:

    Indeed, pushing at the cultural-technical limits of the integrity-fragmentation contradiction can, in the short term, supercharge the disembodied body with 'sensual', transgressive ambiguity. For example, ‘teledildonics’, computer-simulated; sexual arousal by wearing plugged-in bodysuits, may never become widely practised, but it certainly provokes interest as a risque possibility ... [T]echno-sex contributes to hollowing out the corporeal taken-for-grantedness of which, paradoxically, it depends.

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