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  • Distances are no longer a barrier

    American scientists have found out that 67 percent of people around the world are having sex remotely. And since this number continues to grow, it’s time to join the ExoLovers Club.

    As a result of a survey of 140 thousand people from 98 countries scientists have found out that sexting (this is the name of sexual communication at a distance) is most often practiced by South African citizens and Americans. Japanese and Koreans try to avoid such a relationship.

    Adults usually engage in sexting with regular partners. Research shows that this leads to greater satisfaction in sexual life. But with teenagers things are not so simple. They are afraid that their explicit photos can be intercepted by third parties and placed in pornography databases.
    But nevertheless, about 40 percent of adolescents practice sexting, and every fifth one of them shares intimate photos with the other person.

    ExoLover, in turn, offers not only the exchange of photos and messages, but also quite a real sex at a distance using Hi-Tech. Want to know how? Join us and we will tell and show you everything.

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