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  • Do men and women get the same pleasure from oral sex?

    It is assumed that typical oral sex is pleasant to all of its participants. But is it really?

    Are men and women equally enthusiastic about oral sex? This question asked Canadian scientists to themselves, and conducted a study among 900 sexually active Canadian students. They published the results in the Canadian Bulletin of Human Sexuality.

    To begin with, scientists asked respondents both men and women whether they like to get blow jobs and minge binge. The representatives of both sexes demonstrated a striking gender unity: 97.1% of men and 95.4% of women said “yes”, they like to have oral sex in that way.

    But when it came to talking about whether they like to give blow jobs and eat pussies, the percentages failed. For example, 92.9% of men liked to do cunnilingus, but at the same time only 82.7% of women like to give a blow jobs. This, of course, is a bit sad.

    We hope that you, ExoLover subscribers love all of sexual pleasures and especially all aspects of oral sex.

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