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  • Female Orgasm Audio Library

    Now you won’t be saying that you have nothing to listen to!

    An excellent website has appeared on the Web - the Audio Library of Female Orgasms.

    Here it is:

    Its creators are the owners of the online sex toy store Bijoux Indiscrets, they pursued a noble educational goal - to break the stereotypes about the behavior of women in bed that the porn industry imposes on society.

    The website has several criteria by which you can select tracks: duration (from 10 seconds to almost a minute) and popularity by the number of plays. Also, each track has an intriguing title.

    There is also a download function for your own audio recording. (We don’t know why you kept it, you pervert.)

    We can also add that it is very curious. The main thing is not to listen at full volume. It will be burdensome to explain to neighbors that he pursued exclusively good goals and fought against stereotypes. Just take our word for it.

    #sex #exolover #orgasm #audio #education

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