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  • Men like sex with emotionally unstable women more

    Now melodrama plots have a scientific justification.

    In the life of every man, sooner or later appears a woman who has a constantly changing mood and inappropriate behavior. The one that calls at three in the morning and whispers “Come here”, and after a minute calls back and shouts “Do not come!”, and this happens five times a night.

    So, scientists have just proved that sex with such women men like the most. But sex with an emotionally stable person, which is responsible for their feelings and actions, alas, may not reach the high level set by the drama queen.

    A study conducted at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, was published in the Journal of Sex Research. As the subject of the study, they used data from 964 couples, with the average age of men of 51. The connection between the emotional instability of the partner and the pleasure of the partner from sex was quickly outlined: the more unstable the woman in the couple, the more the man likes sex.

    Another amazing fact that scientists found out during this study: the sexual life in a couple remains vibrant, even despite a long joint history of relationships.

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