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  • 12 interesting facts about penis

    What secrets can hide this small …thing?

    1. On average, a male orgasm lasts 6 seconds, and a female - 23 seconds.

    2. The most ancient animal which had penis was the armored creature Colymbosathon ecplecticos, which in fact, translates from Greek as "an amazing swimmer with a huge dick."

    3. Smoking can reduce the length of the penis by a centimeter! A bad habit negatively affects the blood vessels and, accordingly, worsens an erection.

    4. The size of the foot does not tell you about the length of the penis. It is a myth.

    5. The first boner happens when the boy is in the womb.

    6. Men do not need a brain to ejaculate, for this simple process spinal cord is enough.

    7. Doctors have learned how to grow skin from the foreskin of circumcised people. From one foreskin can be produced 23 thousand square meters of skin.

    8. The more attractive the man is, the "stronger" his sperm. Spanish researchers conducted an experiment: they selected men with good, medium and weak sperm, took photographs of them and suggested that women choose the most attractive in their opinion. It turned out that every lady has an “inner sixth sense” - women intuitively chose men with the strongest sperm.

    9. One man out of 400 is able to satisfy himself orally without any outside help.

    10. There are two types of dicks: the first ones grow larger when excited, the second ones look impressive in a calm state, but they hardly increase when excited.

    11. It turns out that the idea of the “ideal penis” differs depending on the country. For example, the most “great” wishes are among Austrians and Poles - they count on 17.3–17.6 cm, in Germany - 16.5 cm, in France - 14.9 cm, and in Great Britain on 14.2 cm.

    12. Once the penis was a clitoris: in those days when the fetus is only formed in the womb, everything starts from the clitoris - until the male hormones turn it into a dick. But until a certain stage of development, we are all girls.

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  • 18 interesting facts about sex

    1. "Girls automatically perceive good-smelling men as more attractive"

    2. "Ginger beverage increases the pulse, blood pressure and this is a very powerful aphrodisiac"

    3. "Men are more emotionally reliving breakups"

    4. "Sperm can be used as an anti-aging cream, as it has a lifting effect"

    5. "Men who have not slept for several days are more inclined to think that women want to have sex with him"

    6. "People, who love rough sex, have better health"

    7. "Endorphins, produced during sex, create a feeling of euphoria, similar to what appears during the use of opium"

    8. "After ovulation, the female egg remains productive from 24 to 48 hours. And the sperm can be active in the female body for about 48 hours. So, try to be careful"

    9. "12% of people had sex at work"

    10. "About 30% of women have problems with achieving orgasm."

    11. "There are 50 types of kisses in the Kama Sutra. Kiss in the corner of the mouth, "love bite" and others"

    12. "Research has shown that if the sex was good then the same part of the brain is active as with love"

    13. "Do you have a five-year-old condom lying around somewhere in your house? Throw it away! Condoms have a maximum shelf life of 2 years."

    14. "The risk of prostate disease is reduced if a man has sex at least 4 times a week"

    15. "The size of an average vagina is 7-10 cm, but it can increase by 200% with sexual arousal"

    16. "If you are shaving your bikini area, you have a better chance of catching STDs."

    17. "Female ass bulges 25% more if a woman puts high heels"

    18. "Some sexually transmitted diseases can show themselves only after 3-4 years. So, girls, regularly visit a gynecologist - at least 2 times a year"

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  • 8 amazing facts about sex

    And they are all true!

    Much has been written about sex, and more research has been done. Scientists from all over the world consider it their duty to study the topic of sex life up and down. We have collected the most amazing research and facts about sex for you.

    1. Women in a lesbian relationship are more likely to have an orgasm.
    2. Female animals sometimes look unattractive to avoid harassment and ward off unwanted male attention, sometimes sacrificing the opportunity to attract the best male.
    3. A quarter of all men imitated orgasm at least once in their lives.
    4. A woman in red is considered as a potential threat because she is more interested in sex, according to other women.
    5. People who often watch porn are more tend to feminism. In general, scientists have found that boys and girls that watch pornographic content more often begin to have more respect for women over time.
    6. Men who have had more than 20 sexual partners are less susceptible to disease and will live longer.
    7. Perfect sex should last from 15 to 20 minutes.
    8. Scientists from the Maastricht University of the Netherlands give humanity 35 years to enter a new reality. They claim that by 2050 people will be able to marry robots and have sex with them as well.

    #sex #exolover #facts #Interesting #science #study #relationship
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  • A few interesting facts about oral sex

    There is no need to explain what oral sex is. But very few people know these facts:

    1. Semen fights depression

    A 2012 study published by Archives of Sexual Behavior showed that semen contains components with antidepressant properties. They help to reduce the level of depression in women practicing oral sex.

    2. Swallowing facilitates toxaemia.

    In 2012, a US scientist Gordon Gallup suggested that pregnant women who swallow are fight toxaemia effectively. Although the female body does not digest the male semen and tries to reject it with the help of vomiting, over time, women become resistant to sperm which eases the symptoms of toxaemia.

    3. Men practice oral sex more often than women.

    Contrary to popular belief that men do not like oral sex, the facts suggest otherwise. A study published in 2010 by The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that 55% of guys between the ages of 20 and 24 delivered oral pleasures to their partners. At the age of 30 to 39 this number increased to 69%, while for women on the contrary it decreased to 59%.

    4. Reduces the risk of preeclampsia

    In 2000, scientists established a significant connection between the decrease in the incidence of preeclampsia and the frequency with which women practice oral sex. The authors of the study believe that this is because of immunological tolerance in women which develops after semen enters the gastrointestinal system regularly. Preeclampsia is a complication of pregnancy that usually occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy in the second or third trimester.

    #sex #exolover #oral #oralsex #facts #semen #health #happiness #men #women
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