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  • Everything is normal with you: why a woman is not obliged to have an orgasm

    Unexpected facts about "sex with a happy ending"

    Novels, films, and sex trainings ads have taught us that every decent, and even more indecent woman, should have an orgasm. If not, then you will be sentenced as "frigid". However, you can relax. And here's why.

    Sexologists are shocking us with the numbers: 10–15 percent of women do not experience orgasm at all, and this is normal. The significance of the female orgasm is overrated significantly, and this nonsense is pounded to the masses, and mainly into the heads of our men, say sexologists.
    In turn, women secretly go to a sexologist or a psychologist - to heal from an obsessive neurosis! And no one except a certified specialist will tell her that she is normal, because the female orgasm mechanism does not always depend on physiology.

    However, if you still had an orgasm in your life, another question is sure to torment you - why doesn’t it happen after each sex?

    A normal healthy sexual woman can experience an orgasm in 30–50 percent of her sexual acts and this is already very cool! Well, woman is unable to experience an orgasm, if behind the wall in the next room lays a sick child with a temperature. This was designed by the nature.

    For a long time it was believed: orgasm is almost the main condition for conception. And if the male orgasm in this case is really necessary, then the female one, as it turned out, is not necessary.

    Female orgasm is not really needed by the nature in fact. And, as American scientists William Masters and Virginia Johnson established a long time ago, the conception occurs more quickly when a woman does not have an orgasm during intercourse.

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