Exo Lovers Club is a world-first, secure adult lovers club which is aimed at providing the ultimate unique online sexual...
Exo Lovers Club is a world-first, secure adult lovers club which is aimed at providing the ultimate unique online sexual experience. Our club provides a safe and secure environment for the sexually adventurous to anonymously express their sexual fantasies and is accepting of a variety of lifestyles. Living an open and free sexual life is very liberating and exhilarating but nothing beats the ecstasy of sharing one’s journey to sexual fulfillment with others as part of a community that is supportive and global.
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  • Hollywood cancels shooting intimate scenes due to coronavirus

    Hollywood is slowly returning to film production after quarantine - from June 12, it will be possible to shoot films again.

    However, not everything will be as before: filmmakers received instructions on the filming of sex scenes. In order to protect the actors during the global pandemic, erotic scenes are proposed to be replaced with CGI.

    California Governor Gavin Newsom has allowed the film industry to resume production as part of the state’s initial steps to open businesses after a three-month quarantine.

    After a three-month quarantine, it’s impossible to shoot sexual scenes as before - there’s too much risk of contracting a coronavirus. If the CGI option is not suitable, filmmakers are asked to rewrite the script, or even completely exclude intimate scenes.

    In addition to these measures, the actors and the crew should keep their distance from each other, wash their hands regularly, and undergo daily coronavirus testing. After each shift, the props will be washed, and the filming room thoroughly disinfected. The buffet for the team and actors will also be canceled. And during filming and listening, there should be "employees responsible for complying with safety requirements in connection with COVID-19."

    Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the United States, with almost all of Hollywood's major movie studios.

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