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  • Tall people are more successful in sex and relationships

    Experts from the British private medical company BodyLogic found out how body height affects sex life.

    During the study, more than 1,000 volunteers were interviewed. The survey showed that 58.3% of men who are considered tall are very lucky in their love lives. Among average height respondents this indicator is 54%, and among short people — 50%.

    The reason is here: tall people are more self-confident. Among men with growth above the average surveyed by Body Logic, 62.4% called themselves “sexually attractive for women”. At the same time, about 60% of the surveyed men would like to become a little higher.

    A positive answer to the question “Would you like your partner to be higher?” was given by 36.6% of women participating in the experiment.

    But sexual attraction is not the only bonus of tall men. According to the survey, they also consider themselves more successful at work, more satisfied with their salary and their colleagues and bosses take them more seriously.

    According to this study, the ideal body height for men is 182 cm, and for women - 152 cm. So, do not hesitate and spend earned EXO Tokens to the increasing body height operation.

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