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  • Who likes to watch lesbian love on screen?

    Why do heterosexual women watch porn with lesbian couples? Experts’ and active lovers’ opinion.

    “Lesbians” is a highly demanded video category for women due to 2014 Pornhub report. Women are looking for a “girl with a girl” video 445% more often than men according to query statistics. Although the report relies on Google data and does not take into account the user's sexual orientation, the sheer number of requests suggests that most of this female audience is heterosexual. This is also indicated by the surge in requests “lesbian seduces heterosexual”, the number of which increased by 328% between 2013 and 2014, according to the same report.

    “Statistics indicate that a third of adult porn sites auditory are women,” said sex therapist Kimberly Resnick Anderson. “And although we cannot determine how much of this part heterosexual women are, the percentage itself is too high to be attributed to homosexuals. Quite ordinary women are looking for lesbian porn. ”

    Porn industry can only take into account this circumstance. Approximately 7% of the video on PornHub is categorized as “lesbian,” and today it is the most requested category. “I wouldn’t like to speculate how this kind of interest of heterosexual women will affect our industry, but so far it’s obvious that our partners are downloading more lesbian content than ever before,” says site vice-president Corey Price.

    Thanks to a lesbian video, many heterosexual women have the opportunity to imagine what it is like to be with another woman. They watch lesbian porn because it gives room to their fantasies, not because they doubt their sexual orientation or are going to get a new experience in reality. “The Internet makes you free” said Resnick Anderson. “Users find there the freedom to explore everything that they do not necessarily want to use in real life, but what they are interested in watching and what it is interesting to learn.”

    Not so long ago, ExoLover wrote that all women are lesbians …potentially.

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