Exo Lovers Club is a world-first, secure adult lovers club which is aimed at providing the ultimate unique online sexual...
Exo Lovers Club is a world-first, secure adult lovers club which is aimed at providing the ultimate unique online sexual experience. Our club provides a safe and secure environment for the sexually adventurous to anonymously express their sexual fantasies and is accepting of a variety of lifestyles. Living an open and free sexual life is very liberating and exhilarating but nothing beats the ecstasy of sharing one’s journey to sexual fulfillment with others as part of a community that is supportive and global.
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  • An unexpected way to improve sex and relationships.

    Although, it is not for everyone.

    A recent survey conducted by American scientists among two thousand couples showed that sleeping in separate beds can have a positive effect on married life. At least, more than one third of respondents said that the decision not to spend the whole night next to each other had a beneficial effect on relationships and sex.

    Many couples suffer from the fact that they prevent each other from getting enough sleep at night. One of the spouses may snore, toss and turn at night, or simply wake up a partner earlier. In this situation, some resort to "sleep divorce" and spend most of their nights on different beds.

    The survey showed that 34 percent of couples who decided to sleep separately felt that the quality of their sex life improved, and 38 percent reported an improvement in relationships in general. The authors of the survey tend to associate this with the fact that good sleep contributes the improving one’s well-being, mental state, and mood, which, in turn, can have a beneficial effect on relationships with a partner and give strength in the intimate field.

    However, experts emphasize that the relationship within each couple is individual so that sleeping in different beds can hardly be called a universal recipe for improving any relationship. Moreover, the survey shows that often the improvement in the quality of sex was accompanied by a decrease in its quantity while they had “sleep divorce” because sleeping in different beds gave less “reasons” for them to have it.

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