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  • Have you been dating a girl for a year or more? Scientists have sad news for you

    It's regarding your sex life.

    We are no longer paying attention to the fact that scientists constantly fit into our personal lives. We can say we are even grateful to them. But this time they disappointed us.

    Scientists from the University of Southampton conducted one of the largest studies of the personal lives of the British people in recent years. In total, they interviewed 11,508 people: 6,669 women and 4,839 men. All the questions of the researchers concerned the personal, and to be more specific, the sexual life of the respondents. At the same time - an important point - all respondents were in a monogamous relationship for at least 12 months.

    So, it turned out that 34% of women surveyed lose interest in sex with their regular partner after a year of a relationship. After a year! Men meanwhile destroyed all the archetypes of male inconstancy. Only 15% of men said that having sex with a partner after a year of a relationship is already somehow not as hot as it was at the beginning.

    In general, if you have a girl whom you have been dating for a year or so, a guide to the girl’s orgasms will come in handy. Or you could just stick with us to keep abreast of all sexual innovations. Your partner will appreciate it.

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