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  • Tattoos on intimate places

    Does anyone have tattoos on intimate places? Does anyone have funny stories about them. I have one.

    One friend of mine at a party with his friends were measuring by their manhood and he joked that he could fit a whole country on his penis. And even came up with a slogan for seducing girls: "Hey girl, don’t you want to go to France?". After drinking too much brandy, friends taking advantage of his inability to say no brought him to a friend tattooist and he launched a process.

    In order to put France on penis it is necessary that he has to have a boner. And now imagine that picture: a semi-conscious drunken body lying around and a big tattooist man with rubber gloves wank him to make boner.

    Waking up the next morning my friend was shocked of course, but later he developed some issues because of the tattoo. He believed that girls would not like this. After a year and a half of failed attempts to have sex and lowered self-esteem young man decided to remove the tattoo.

    In the tattoo parlor he was told that it was impossible to remove the tattoo from THERE, and that it would be easier to cut it off altogether, but the guy replied that he tolerated pain very well, and after giving a bribe he decided to go under the laser.

    As a result, he got rid of France on his penis, however, there was a burn that left the scar the form of Africa.

    So, share your stories. Do you have a tattoo in intimate places? How did you decide on doing this? Do you like it?

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