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  • You won’t have an orgasm until...

    Sexual desire - the MOST important element in achieving orgasm. If a woman has lost her libido and has no interest in sex life, then an orgasm is hardly possible for her. The most common causes of reduced sexual desire are as follows:

    Psychosexual immaturity. Some women have some delays in sex drive. They are simply not interested in everything that related to sex life. Even being married and having a regular sex life, such women do not feel pleasure.

    Emotional and physical trauma and education features. The formation of a negative attitude towards everything connected with sex, or first negative experience distorts the perception of sexual life in teenage girl's.

    Social. A woman can be in a state of severe stress, fatigue, depression; there may be various diseases or medications that suppress sexual desire.

    Male factor. There could be such situations when man doesn’t care about women's needs during sexual life at all: in fact, only he gets satisfaction, while woman could get only unpleasant feelings, and sometimes even pain and complete breakdown. When woman is used to the feeling that nothing good she can get from sex, her desire may decrease sharply.

    Despite the fact that life is usually not an easy thing, all these problems can be fixed quite easily. Want to know how? Stay with us and we will tell you about how to solve problems with girlish pussies in the next publication.

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