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  • Where did all the sex go?

    Experts gave us 5 reasons for intimate problems in a long term relationship

    Often partners who have been in a relationship for a long time lose sexual interest in each other.

    Low interest in sex, especially after many years of marriage, can be caused by various reasons.

    1. Anger. Some people use sex (or rather, its absence) as a weapon against the one they are angry with. Both women and men do this. In this case, you need to find the cause of anger and associate this with the unwillingness to have sex.

    2. Attraction. In some couples, the attraction was initially low. For example, if this is a marriage of convenience or a way to have a better life. So, sex has always been a problem, and over the years it has not been possible to convince yourself that there will still be some.

    3. The demand for sex. Some partners (usually men) believe that a woman should be ready for sex anytime, anywhere. Although this is not true of course. Similar situations give rise to an aversion to intimacy per se.

    4. Control. With the help of sex, you can control the behavior of another person, proving to him (or rather, to her) that with good behavior, there will be sex. This is the relationship of the abuser with the victim, which in no circumstances is considered the norm. So, the problem is much deeper.

    5. Transfer from the past. Sometimes the root of the problem with sex is the unfortunate past relationship, and the person transfers them to the present. In such a situation, it is better to work with the help of a specialist.

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