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  • How to kiss a girl for the first time

    Often it is seems that everything is simple. However, the first kiss should be perfect.

    Don’t worry, right now we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to make the first kiss special.

    Get her alone

    You do not need extra irritants that will distract the girl from the most important thing. So take care about it. There must be no people near you, as well as such bright things like the men's strip World Cup Final.

    Do not rush

    Let her relax, do not go with kisses as soon as you are alone. It is better to offer a drink and start a conversation about something neutral. But still, about something romantic neutral.

    Don't ask if you can kiss her.

    It's amazing how many times this truth was spoken in movies, TV shows and articles. Of course, in an era when harassment turned into reality, this question is no longer as stupid as it was ten years ago. But it is worth asking if you are live in USA or in some outlandish Sweden. And it will sound: “Can I kiss you? Wonderful. Then please sign here that you don't mind. And put the date here”.

    Move closer

    The closer you get, the calmer she will react to your presence in her own comfort zone. She will get used to your indescribable smell and powerful wave of fluids. Just sit or stand next to her.

    Heat up the atmosphere

    During your communication touch her as often as possible. But not aggressive at any cost! You should just run your fingers along the back of her neck, touch the shoulder or to pull the hair from the eyes.

    Designate your intentions

    Bring your face close to hers, look at her lips and pull away. This would be the rehearsal.

    Try not to show your euphoria after the kiss

    Of course, you can tell her how happy you are, but try to do it with dignity and that is quietly and looking into her eyes.

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  • All women are lesbians!

    This stunning conclusion was reached by Dr Gerulf Rieger from the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex after he thoroughly examined the reaction of women to other women. This is how it was:

    Dr. Rieger showed to 235 heterosexual women photos of naked men and naked women. In addition, each of the subjects was connected to the measuring equipment that fixes the reaction of their bodies to the pictures.

    So, 82% of women who took part in the study were equally excited by images of both male and female naked bodies. This gave Dr. Rieger the right to state that even those who do not consider themselves as lesbians are bisexual at least.

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