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  • Your sex life depends on literacy

    The reaction to grammatical mistakes can say a lot about a person. Scientists have found out what the Grammar Nazis are in bed.

    Scientists from the University of Kyoto conducted a study to determine the relationship between the response to grammatical errors and the sexual excitability of a person.

    They wrote a letter with a proposal for joint room rental and sent it to 80 "test subjects", among whom were equally introverts and extroverts. There was nothing sexual in the letter, but there were mistakes, and quite annoying, - as many as four.

    As it turned out, introverts did not consider a person with such a low level of literacy as a good neighbor. Extroverts reacted much more simply and more often agreed to sign an agreement.

    From the experiment, scientists draw not the most obvious conclusion. If several errors cause such an acute reaction in introverts, then, obviously, other pathogens, including sexual, will work more strongly than on extroverts. They made such a conclusion, based on an already established fact: extroverts have a lower excitation rate.

    So, if you always re-read the letter three times before sending, I order to not to miss the error, this means that even someone’s ankle can excite you.

    Next time, when next Grammar Nazi will be annoying you, indicating that there could not be a comma in the middle of the word, do not be angry, but rather try to ask her out. According to smart people, such behavior can hide a hot sexual temperament.

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