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  • Scientists say that men who do the dishes are the best lovers

    Legend says that Casanova could wash five sinks with dirty pans overnight!

    Three sociologists - Daniel L. Carlson from the Utah Institute, Amanda Miller from the University of Indianapolis and Sharon Sassler from Cornell University - conducted a study based on two large-scale surveys: 1992-1994 and 2006. In total, 11,000 people from different social strata took part in them.

    All participants answered the following question: what is more important in strong relationships for them - good sex, loyalty, or distribution of household duties? Scientists have concluded that the first and third points are directly dependent on each other. Namely: those couples where both partners shared household duties equally experienced greater satisfaction from their sex life compared to those couples where someone was engaged in housework alone (and this someone turned out to be a woman most often).

    Scientists have found that income, and the education of men and his willingness to participate in household affairs are related. Men with higher education and middle or high income level are much more involved in household duties than men with secondary education and low income.

    Moreover, scientists have noticed an interesting detail. The couples which had sex most often and had calm relationships are those where man took over the washing of dishes and bringing the food for the whole family.

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  • You can be a bad friend and a terrible husband, but you will have to be a first-class sex partner!

    Even if you are not in an outstanding physical shape or just simply mismatch with the girl at the pheromone level, you still have chances to remain in her memory as an excellent lover. You will have to follow six rules for this.

    Always take a shower

    Be sure to take a shower just before sex. Believe me, a good lover is first of all a clean lover.

    Do not ignore the foreplay

    To find a man who is not in hurry, not grunts and not falling asleep five minutes after the start is a great success. Unlike men, women are more focused on the process than on the result in sex. And also get excited more slowly. So, by a good and slow prelude you can gain respect of a girl (even if you get so exhausted after a prelude that you fall asleep immediately).

    Ask her how is she

    Of course you don’t need to ask her about everything every time, but be sure to ask the girl if she likes the fact that you have sex on the washing machine. Perhaps she prefers dishwasher one.

    Be open to new

    Girls love experiments. But, unfortunately, they do not talk too much about it. So offer it yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised how far in experiments in sex every second decent girl can go.

    Be responsible for your own orgasm

    You probably noticed that everyone is focused on a female orgasm in all medias. Of course, because it is easy for a man to get an orgasm! No need to test the patience of a girl by endless sex, which leads to nothing (frankly, the value of sex is greatly reduced after an hour in bed). Be a man, tell the girl what you need and in what position.

    Don't take sex seriously

    Excessive piety for sex can ruin the most enjoyable evening. Therefore, do not be afraid to joke (but not about the appearance of the girl!) Or laugh (again, not over her appearance!). Easy attitude to sex helps to open up and get the pleasure.

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  • How would you behave in real life after sex in ExoLover?

    Very often, those who has online relationships have difficulty with real communication, even if you had sex in ExoLover. So, even after having almost real sex, you're shy when you meet each other. How does this even work?

    Many have had situations when a friend on Facebook is very frank with you, and you are talking about intimacy and so on, but at the same time when meeting in real life, you are barely able to squeeze out a few words of greetings.

    Which of you had virtual sex with a stranger? So, come on, how you behaved when you met your partner in real life?

    How does it look along with ExoLover? After all, you are in fact not only engaged in virtual sex being far away from each other. Because all your movements are transmitted to the partner up to every smallest details from rapid breathing to frequency and force of frictions.

    #sex #exolover #remote #virtual #lover #frictions #real
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