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  • How much time for sex does woman need to be happy?

    How long the sex should last for woman to be satisfied and pleased by everything.

    The answer is here!

    Sexologist Kristen Mark from the University of Kentucky conducted a large study, the purpose of which was to finally calculate how many minutes sex should continue for a woman. The study involved 15 thousand people. And that's what came out.

    On average, it is enough to have intercourse for 10 minutes for woman. But again, this is on average! Ideally, the respondents would like sex to last from 15 to 20 minutes.

    Long before, in 2008 a similar survey was conducted by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania. At the time, the optimal duration of sex for women was 13 minutes.

    However, in the course of the survey women complained that their sex was inexcusable short, or on the contrary, too long (yes, it’s difficult to please a woman).

    On average, their sex lasted from 3 to 7 minutes. And it also includes foreplay! And they just wanted to have sex lasted for 12 minutes at least.

    So, remember: it is important for her that you hold out more than 10 minutes, but manage to keep within 20!

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