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    One-night stand is not a reason to go down the aisle, but sometimes it can be a beginning of a new successful relationship. There are several reasons why women agree to such fleeting relationships.

    A sense of gratitude. You might feel obliged to your companion who did everything possible to make the evening pleasant. If you don’t want sex for one night, then don’t do it, you owe nothing to anyone.

    Love at first sight. Sometimes this might happen. But if you will find out more about the man, maybe something will push you away and there will be no sex tonight.

    Accident. If you were single or have quarreled with your boyfriend at this moment, besides, you drank too much and sex might happen. But if you understood your mistake in the morning, you will need stealth evacuation.

    You were horny. You are feeling neglected and therefore agreed to the offer of a man to continue the evening. Just don’t make plans for the future. Perhaps something will work out, time will tell.

    After such a move, women are very nervous about what man will think about her. You shouldn’t be doing that. You and your partner both got what you wanted. Try to think less about it and most important: don’t regret! Everything has a silver lining.

    If you refused him to continue the evening, do not suffer either. If you like each other you will definitely continue the relationship.

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