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  • Online gamer-girls are having sex more often

    According to the results of the survey conducted by Harris Interactive, women who play online games (MMO, mobile and social) are having more and better sex (“better” means that they get more satisfaction from it) than women who play single player games.

    Also, ladies who are playing online more sociable and sportier than those who live in offline ghetto.

    55% of all online players are women. 42% of online player women are communicating with friends and/or relatives at least once a day (only 31% of ordinary single player women are sociable). 86% of online player women are also having their pages in social networks. And 57% of online player ladies are having sex. But at least once a week, sex happens between 38% online player ladies and their mates and only between 34% offline ones. Commentators at various websites are perplexed: when do they have time for sex? After all, 61% of them play from eight in the evening until midnight. But it’s easy to explain - no one goes to raids seven times a week.

    Also, only 36% of women playing online are between 18 and 34 years old, but 44% of them are over 45. Wow!

    And the most important thing. It is useless to pick up a gamer girl. Only 16% of them are looking for a partner on purpose.

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