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  • Hypersexuality Causes Found

    Researchers from Sweden found out how genetics is associated with hypersexuality - a disorder associated with increased sexual desire.

    Hypersexuality, also known as erotomania, is a pathologically increased sexual desire and related sexual activity. It can be manifested in the patient's constant appearance of obsessive thoughts about sex, forced sexual intercourse, as well as “sexual habits that carry potential health problems and risks”.

    The disorder is typical for 3-6% of the world's population and is included in the current international statistical classification of diseases and health problems (ICD-10).

    In new work, scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden examined the blood of 60 patients with revealed hypersexuality and compared it with samples of 33 absolutely healthy people. Specialists were interested in the pattern of DNA methylation - modification of a DNA molecule without changing the nucleotide sequence itself.

    It turned out that in people with hypersexuality, methylation disorders of the genome region responsible for the synthesis of oxytocin are observed - it is produced more than necessary. Oxytocin is a hormone that still plays a role in the regulation of sex drive. It is produced in both men and women.

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