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  • Pain, sex, ExoLover…

    Does anyone love BDSM? Well, or at least a little pain during sex? For example, most girls love to be slapped a bit or bite a little for some reason… But what kind of pain do men like?

    We hasten to add that we are not talking about severe pain, like stepping on a LEGO or hitting the nightstand by the little toe, although, this is for your personal discretion. However, popular pains in sex for men are clips on the nipples and kicks in the nuts.

    As for ExoLover, we launched into development a project about additional functions for our ExoSuit, which can create not the most pleasant sensations for extreme feelings during sex as well.

    Among such additions and modifications there will be temperature changes (i.e. cold or heat, depending on the choice), little claws on the back, and some other devices that will slap on the tushie, etc.

    Thus, someone might say that all of the above is done mostly for women. But why? We will answer the question with a request — we are open to suggestions for sure.

    People, offer your options for the opportunity to feel a pleasant (or whatever you want) pain in sex.

    #sex #exolover #bdsm #spank #pain #slap #love
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