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  • Polyamory: shame or urgent need

    An alternative relationship is still considered as something reprehensible. But please, being heterosexual and living a whole life with one person is too boring. At least, adherents of polyamory - a system, which approves the sensual relationships of partners with other people and welcomes unconventional ties - say so.

    Polyamory differs from polygamy and if you practice polyamory, this does not mean that you sleep with everybody. This means that you have partners who know about each other and know how often you sleep with each of them. The whole system of polyamorous relations is based on trust, responsibility, ethics, and awareness. If you observe all these pillars of polyamory, then your relationship can be called happy and harmonious.

    Let’s think about immoral things. What is more wrong: to secretly live in two families, making all your loved ones and yourself unhappy, or to be in a relationship with more than one partner publicly? Polyamory implies honesty. There is no place for betrayal and promiscuous sexual relations. Fans of a standard relationship may think that polyamory is chaos, but in fact, it is an orderly system in which everyone knows their rights and obligations. It motivates people to take a more responsible approach to their relationships and deal with such destructive feelings as jealousy and hatred.

    However, polyamory is not suitable for everyone. If you have low self-esteem, you are paranoid and tend to be subject to manipulation, it is better to get a husband or wife, and then children and take care of your cell of society. In polyamorous relationships, you have not one partner, but several, and this means that your responsibility increases exponentially. You must be sure that each of your partners is healthy, that you use contraceptives with everyone, that you do not go crazy with jealousy and do not turn into a monogamous partner, giving preference to someone of your lovers.

    In addition, polyamory is completely unprofitable. With a couple of partners, you can’t buy a house and a car, you won’t have children; you don’t invest in the future. Such relationships so far seem rather fleeting, because they are unlikely to withstand a serious crisis. Polyamores are together as long as they feel good with each other: otherwise, they scatter, and everyone remains with their problems.

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