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  • The most successful porn actress

    Many people who are skeptical of porn movies think that those actors should be the dregs of society in order to agree to shoot in porn. However, the other people actually love and admire porn stars. Sometimes they could even give a huge head start to those who are usually held in high esteem by the majority of the population. And now we will tell you about this.

    Among the cream of the porn society stands out of course the most successful individuals. Alongside with the smartest.

    Let’s take for example Lorelei Lee, she graduated from the University of San Francisco and took an additional course of Journalism. She combines two professions, but writes mainly on the adult industry topic, which is not surprising at her source of income.

    The world record holder in sex (she slept with 919 men in one day) Lisa Sparks has a master degree of Arts in multimedia and business from the University of Kentucky. She is very successful in the online marketing business and receives good income not only from the porn industry.

    Joanna Angel not only shoots porn and shoots herself in it, but also have a lot of various publications in such periodicals as New York Times, etc.
    A pornographic actress Asia Carrera owns 156 points of IQ, however, she still refuses to work in non-porn industry.

    But still, the most famous and successful porn actress today is of course Sasha Gray. She writes music, shoots in some serious art-house cinema (including Stephen Soderbergh’s films), does business, social and political activities. The girl is always in sight and, we think, this is not her limit.

    How successful are you? Would you like to shoot in porn? For example, as an option for business development, you can use porn to get start-up capital. It could be your double success.

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