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  • Sex — the engine of progress

    Everyone that popular saying that trade is the engine of progress. Someone believes that laziness is also developing science (the TV remotes were invented in order not to get up from the couch). However, how much does the desire to have sex moving science forward?

    If you drill into studying the history of sexuality, then you can be very surprised by the fact that dildo was invented before the wheel. So, big deal… replacing a man with something around you hardly requires an idea. Besides, there are a lot of phallic objects in nature.

    However, many people do not know that the vibrator was one of the first electrical devices. It even been invented before the iron and the vacuum cleaner (well, of course, there were irons and the vacuum cleaners before, but not in the form of an electric device. In that case, what can we say about mechanical vibrators?).

    How to move progress with sex now? Such a question appears after reading these lines. However, we can give you an answer — blockchain.

    Exactly, cryptocurrency and absolute sex! Safe, anonymous, high-quality innovative sex that is tied to EXO Tokens but not to your personal data.

    All you need is your cryptowallet and our MVP set, which will be available soon. Be the first to be at the forefront of the next leap of technology. Be with ExoLover!

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