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  • How many two of you should have sexual partners in past to be the perfect couple?

    Hi there ExoLover subscribers and users, what number of ex-partners did you consider acceptable for your soul mate?

    Scientists from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) conducted a survey on the dating site. The main question was: how many lovers your new partner should have in past? The majority of respondents (38% of men and 37% of women) gave the number from eight to twelve. Nevertheless, both men and women consider the best number of ex-sexual partners as 10.

    Further polls showed that if your sexual experience exceeds 10 partners, people around you will find you indiscriminate. It is noteworthy that such a sign of promiscuity is alarming for men. In general, if a person had more than 20 partners, 4% of men and 3% of women would agree to go out with her/him.

    At the same time, research participants consider those who had less than 10 sexual partners inexperienced.
    And one more thing: although, as women are more comfortable with a large number of their men partners in past according to the study, do not rush to tell your girlfriend the exact number of your exes! Only 35% of women would like to know the exact number.

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