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  • Coronasutra. When you want sex on quarantine

    For the time of quarantine, real sex will have to be preferred to virtual. After all, picking up a virus is an idea of reduced attractiveness! So for a while, you will have to transfer your sex life online, especially since there are quite opportunities.

    There is more fun together
    If usual sex is temporarily unavailable, then you can do it from a distance. Hot virtual sex can be arranged in any video chat, but it is better to give preference to those in which there are notifications that one of the participants has turned on the recording mode. Home videos for adults should only be shot if both partners agree. But even then it is better to position the camera so that the face remains behind the scenes: a little anonymity in the process will not affect the excitement in any way, and caution is never superfluous.

    Tinder surprise
    Yes, “Tinder” has temporarily become an application exclusively for online dating. But if live dates are canceled, they can be held virtually - for example, having dinner on Skype or in any video chat. And to do virtual sex on a first date or not, it's up to both of you!

    In word and deed
    Sexting is another way to diversify your leisure time: explicit messages, photos, and short videos will help you stir up passion. But it is important not to forget about security: do sexting only with the one whose reliability you are sure of, since any correspondence and even more so photos can become quite compromising when they are published. To protect yourself, you can create a separate account with a fake name and photo and invite your partner to do the same. The atmosphere of mystery further intensifies sexuality.

    By the way, science has long confirmed that sex is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Besides, the hormone of happiness produced during orgasm, oxytocin, has a positive effect on the immune system.

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