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  • Bitcoin broke the record high

    Yes, the ExoLover team still remembers that we are a cryptocurrency project

    The Bitcoin rate on April 3 broke a semi-annual record high and, as compared with April 1, rose by 20% to almost $ 5 thousand per coin immediately.

    The main news for the market was the information that a payment processing system that ensures smooth transfer of funds between ATMs and mobile applications Just.Cash, recently introduced support for Bitcoin.

    There are two scenarios for the development of the situation:

    The trend will turn on a dime enriching the owners of cryptocurrency. If the rise of Bitcoin continues, it will push the market participants to a more active purchase; stable demand will maintain a high cost. Gradually the most popular cryptocurrency (this will take several years approximately) will break through the $ 20,000 mark and will test the new “ceiling”.

    This position adheres to IBM Vice President Jesse Lund for example. His estimate: until the end of 2019, the cryptocurrency will be sold at about $ 5 thousand, and after that it will take off to $ 1 million for a coin.

    OR, the prices skyrocket has been situational, and after that we should wait for the fall. Another common opinion is to be happy with Bitcoin price increasing is too early. Even in the best of times, the coin was moving along a wave-like trajectory. And now this short-term growth doesn’t mean that it will not be followed by the same sharp kickback.

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