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  • Stand-up comedian broke up more than 7,000 pairs

    Daniel Sloss, a stand-up comedian whose performances are broadcasting on Netflix, gave a speech which ended by a record number of divorces and breakups.

    Just recently, Daniel came on the scene, and in a 20-minute monologue in details he spoke about the benefits of loneliness. He said that marriage is an overrated and far from obligatory thing, many find a mate for themselves out of fear and weakness before the society, and it’s time for everyone to admit that loneliness is a cool thing.

    Over the next ten days, the comedian received over four thousand messages in which viewers claimed that his performance inspired them to quit their disgusting life together. The counter didn’t stop at this number, and by now Daniel has already counted 7,000 messages about breakups. Also, there have been announced about the termination of 32 engagements and initiation of 38 divorces.

    Initially, the author simply wanted to support those people who live alone and feel inferior. Say, there is a place in our world for harmonious relations, and everyone is able to find a suitable soulmate. But it was too late.

    Here in ExoLover we urge to have sex, to love and to be loved. And in no case do not allow some strangers to interfere in your life and relationships. For those who is alone right now — join us. In addition to sex and no ends of entertainments, you eventually can find a mate. And even more than one

    Share with us your impressions about living together and living alone, do not hesitate, on the Internet you can be anyone, and no one will judge you.

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