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  • Why do women like to watch gay porn?

    In order to tell you about this, scientists have thrown away these hadron colliders of their and have taken up the real science!

    Women like to watch gay porn! According to professor of criminology at the University of Leicester (United Kingdom) Lucy Neville the “M + M” request is the second most popular among Pornhub attendees. And 37% of local consumers of this kind of video are female viewers.

    To establish the reasons for such interest, Lucy interviewed more than 500 women and found out the following.

    Among the reasons, she said, there are natural and understandable - for example, women just like to look at naked guys. But, in modern culture the image of a naked man appears in a ridiculous or monstrous context: in comedies or, on the contrary, scenes of violence. To admire the male body in all its natural beauty is not accepted somehow.

    55% of surveyed by Lucy women said that while masturbating, they sometimes imagine themselves as men. There are two explanations for this. First, in the feminist discourse there is the idea that many bonuses in the world are invented for males, and woman should be just the object of male attention. Therefore, girls are forced to associate themselves with men from childhood.

    Second, women are experimenting, revealing new facets of their sexuality and feeling freer. In fact, they express a mixture of sympathy and support for men, for whom such mental relocation into the body of the opposite sex is the taboo.

    In addition, for women who like hardcore, BDSM and group sex; gay porn is an opportunity to get sensual pleasure without violence and repression. As always, everything is difficult with girls!

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