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  • You can get orgasm if...

    Yesterday, we wrote about unhappy women in bed and about the causes of this. Today, we will try to talk about how to avoid these troubles, and solve already existing problems.

    So, there are three steps to solve the problem and get an orgasm. All of them are based on finding yourself.

    Step one. You need to love sex in all its manifestations - you just need to accept it, stop being ashamed to talk about it and blush by calling genitals parts. You need to think about sex and want it. Read erotic literature, watch movies, immerse yourself in this atmosphere. Remember: sex loves those who love sex. The more you think about it, the stronger your feelings will be.

    Step Two. It is necessary to understand and “love” your genitals. You should not treat them as "this thing down there." You should study them very well, understand exactly where things are. This is the source of your pleasure. You must be ready to fully spread your legs in front of your partner. As long as there is a clamp, stiffness and constraint between your legs, orgasm and pleasure will not come often.

    Step Three. Masturbation should not be associated with something shameful and dirty in your mind. You should stop thinking that only teenage girls who have no sex are doing this. This is training. Masturbation should be long (in time for one session) and you should learn how to be fully excited, but not to try to get an orgasm quickly. It is necessary to go through all the stages of sexual arousal correctly, to feel how the orgasmic cuff is formed, and how the sensitivity of G-spot changes.

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