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  • What do we do with cheating?

    Treason - is the thing that everyone afraid of, but still many face it. Whereby, much more than people think. If a person went for it, he’ll do anything to hide it. But does everyone succeed?

    So if you had such a temptation what should you do with cheating? The problem can be solved in three steps.

    Step 1: Don’t you cheat on your partner! Do not do this at all! Try to restore your relationship with partner, or break up if everything is really bad, but don’t cheat on him/her. All the more reason not to start a relationship with the lover. He will rightly decide that once you have cheated with him, you will cheat ON him too. Well, if your marriage isn’t working, you can always talk to experts, or bring something new into your sex life. ExoLover for example.

    Step 2: If you did not read what we wrote above and cheat on your partner anyway, then make sure that no one knows anything. For example, you cannot cheat within 150 kilometers radius from home, because the world is small, and someone might notice something and rattle to everyone. Delete all your correspondence and behave naturally. Guilt shouldn’t go outside. You shouldn’t refuse your husband of wife in sex, it is prohibited, because it is a clear alarm bell.

    Step 3: Do not confess in cheating IN ANY WAY! Even if you are caught red-handed. Never succumb to the husband’s or wife’s provocations and say “not guilty” looking in his/her eyes. Even on your deathbed holding the dying partner’s hand DO NOT CONFESS! He may change his mind about dying and start his revenge.

    Well, if you blow all this points, then your number’s up!

    Anyway, you can always achieve the desired with the partner’s permission, because there are many methods. Threesome, cuckold, sexwife etc. As well as ExoLover. Our project aims to solve most of your problems in bed! We guarantee it!

    Tell us (confidently, if you want) about your concealment of treason experience. We sure want to hear some interesting stories.

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