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  • 5 reasons why girl wants you to spank her

    She would not tell you about them on purpose, because she is too shy.

    Warning! Some girls are still totally against spanking. Therefore, if you have not discussed this with your partner or you have never done it before, first try to test the waters, that is, slap the girl lightly. It will immediately become clear due to her reaction what she wants: you to continue to spank her or never to see you again.

    It's sexy

    Perhaps nothing else changes social roles such as slapping. Even if your girlfriend is the director general of the board of directors, and you are just an ordinary courier deputy, spanking will change the balance of power immediately.

    It brings together

    In 2009, a study was conducted at Northern Illinois University that proved that BDSM brings partners together and makes relationships stronger.

    It makes sex different

    Even deep mutual sympathy and the complete coincidence of the list of favorite TV shows are not able to diversify the measured sex life. But the spanking is still capable!

    It feels good

    Spanking, especially the unexpected one, stimulates the production of the joy hormone dopamine. We are talking about slapping during sex of course, and when girl gets pleasure from it (at least we hope so).

    It is fun

    After all, sex was designed by nature for pleasure and joy (well, maybe not quite, but contraception corrected the details.) And what could be more fun than to feel that you were slapped? Perhaps, only slapping the partner by yourself!

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  • How much sex you should have at your age?

    Scientists decided to calculate how much sex people will need at different ages. We would rather say that the older you get, the more regular sex you have. But alas...

    People from 18 to 29 y.o. are having sex most often (Oh, what a surprise!). 112 sexual acts per year, which is about 2 times a week.

    Those who are stuck between 30 and 39 y.o. are satisfied with 86 sexual acts per year. That is 1,6 times a week.

    And finally, those who have already blown 40 candles on their birthday cake have sex 69 times a year. The sexy number of course but it is two times less than 20-year-old ones have. Scientists tend to blame such a decrease of sexual activity not so much on the libido, as on the abundance of household chores and the dependents who need to be fed and also called children.

    Tellingly, the researchers decided to stop at 49 y.o. and not figure out what will happen next. Maybe it's for the best.

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