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  • Who wants to participate in creating adult videos?

    We hope that you are aware of the fact that ExoLover team develops interactive adult videos? We invite you to participate in its creation.

    If you are used to some partner from ExoLover, but he or she is unavailable at the moment, you could use our exoskeletons in different mode. You choose some porn video, put on a costume, press play and get the same feelings as the actor or actress in this video.

    Our exoskeletons are very smart things, and they are able to repeat the same movements that you are seeing on the screen, however, most of porn videos have a lot in common.

    That is why here in ExoLover we are wondering what you think and what you want. We will be very happy if you share with us your sexual fantasies, which might become the basis for porn videos, where you can be as a participant due to the exoskeleton.

    Please offer your scripts, and the best ones will go on to the set of porn movie, and in addition to recognition and pleasure, you will also receive a reward in the form of our cryptocurrency EXO Tokens, and your favorite porn actors in leading roles possibly.

    #sex #exolover #script #scenario #porn #movie #shooting
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