Exo Lovers Club is a world-first, secure adult lovers club which is aimed at providing the ultimate unique online sexual...
Exo Lovers Club is a world-first, secure adult lovers club which is aimed at providing the ultimate unique online sexual experience. Our club provides a safe and secure environment for the sexually adventurous to anonymously express their sexual fantasies and is accepting of a variety of lifestyles. Living an open and free sexual life is very liberating and exhilarating but nothing beats the ecstasy of sharing one’s journey to sexual fulfillment with others as part of a community that is supportive and global.
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  • Former soldier tired of military service and went to a gay porn

    British resident Daniel McGraffin said that after serving in the army he began shooting in gay porn.

    According to McGraffin, he became a soldier since his parents wanted it. The man served in artillery for six years. “It changes you. I practically did not sleep,” said Daniel.

    Due to hard work, he suffered a nervous breakdown, after which he was given two weeks to rest, but McGraffin never returned to the army. The deserter managed to hide for a year, after which he ended up in prison, where he spent eight months.

    Upon his release, McGraffin first got a job as a janitor in the gym and then became a coach and DJ. One of his acquaintances told him about a heterosexual guy who starred in gay porn. Daniel contacted him, took part in a short shoot and get $ 750 for it.

    After that, the former soldier decided to find work in the industry on his own and proposed his candidacy to Lucas Entertainment, the largest studio making a gay porn. McGraffin successfully passed the casting. He told that at the moment he can gain up to a thousand dollars a day for several hours of filming.

    Daniel claims that working in porn does not affect his personal life: he considers himself heterosexual and he is in a relationship with a girl named Freya. McGraffin explained that if he starred in heterosexual porn, he would receive less money, and the competition would be much higher.

    Freya clarified that she does not mind a boyfriend's career. She is convinced that if her lover had sex on camera with people of the opposite sex, he might feel attracted to them, but now she is not worried about his fidelity.

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