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  • Why are women more likely to fall asleep first after sex?

    This will happen after she hears that you love her "very, very, very much"

    You can talk about sex forever. That is why scientists, psychologists, and sociologists are not tired of making interesting discoveries in this area and surprising us with the results. Forget about the myth that men fall asleep immediately after sex because it turned out quite the opposite.

    New studies prove that sexual intercourse has more sedative properties for women than for men.

    The sample for the study, which was conducted in New York, included 128 women and 98 men. The survey found that women fall asleep more often before their partner falls asleep immediately after sex. It turns out that nature itself affects these processes. At least, this is the conclusion the authors of the study came to.

    Drowsiness comes in line with an evolutionary adaptive mechanism that promotes sperm retention in a woman’s body.

    Logically, keeping sperm inside by lying is much more convenient.

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