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  • Sex between athletes at the Olympics is all right

    Ingrid Oliveira shared the details of the sex scandal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

    Brazilian highboard diver Ingrid Oliveira in an interview with UOL shed light on the sex scandal that occurred during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

    Oliveira’s partner in diving, Giovanna Pedroza, accused Ingrid of kicking her from the room in order to spend time with the Brazilian rowing member Pedro Gonçalves. The next day, the duet took the last place at the Olympic competitions, and fell apart after that.

    In her defense Oliveira stated that the circumstances were somewhat different and sex between the athletes at the Olympics is all right, and it should not attract such public attention:

    “Yes, I brought Pedro to my room, but ... Firstly, it was not the night before the performance, and secondly, I did not kick anyone out. Gonçalves stayed with me for several hours, and it wasn’t at night. In addition, I warned Giovanna about Pedro’s even before the opening ceremony, and she had nothing against it.

    Many people do not understand that sex between athletes is all right at the Olympics. You should have seen how many condoms were distributed in the Olympic Village. They were everywhere, including in the dining room.

    I admit that I was mistaken in that situation, but the reaction of the public was unfair. I am constantly being propositioned on social networks, while Pedro was congratulated at the same time for having slept with me. I lost my job because I just had sex with a guy. ”

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