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  • Sex toys that are spying on their owners

    Here’s a new scandal in sex industry. In the Lovesense sex toy mobile app people found a tempSoundPlay.3gp file, that contains a sound recording of everything that happened around while the sex toy was on.

    Like many applications, Lovense Remote requires access to the microphone and camera. The app was supposed to use this function to receive voice commands but not for recording the entire process of… using the device. However, after turning off the toy, the audio file remains on the device.

    This is not the first time that sex toys are spying on their owners. Last year, a couple of specialists at the largest conference of hackers Def con, hacked We-Vibe wireless vibrator, that was controlled by an application in the phone. They found out that the device collects user’s data and transmits it to the producing company in real time.

    In turn, we would like to assure our users that ExoLover does not collect data about you. We don’t need it. You are free to do anything and don’t be afraid about your account will be hacked and your data will fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, ExoLover will not record sound or video during sex, as for using our platform will be suitable your own devices that can be trusted.

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